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Brite Star Speed of You Virtual Learning Is 100% FREE To Everyone!

What Is It?

Brite Star Speed of You Virtual Learning is a FREE Interactive Learning Website that includes all of the content from Brite Star PLUS thousands of additional learning activities, educational games and videos.

The Brite Star content focuses on living skills—the skills every child needs to grow into a responsible adult. We believe living skills are as important as any other subject, but the Brite Star Speed of You Learning Network includes much more.

FREE Bonus for Signing Up

When you sign up for the FREE Brite Star Virtual Learning you get all the content for FREE. There is no premium sign-up that we come back and ask for your credit card. You have access to the all of the content. As a bonus for signing up you can download 25 Brite Star books TO GO for your personal library. This is a FREE gift just for signing up to the Brite Star Virtual Learning.

How Do I Sign Up for FREE?


It couldn't be easier. Just Click on the ICON below.


The Brite Star Foundation is a 501 (c) 3, and is proud to support children's education around the World. The Brite Star Foundation mandate is to reach millions of children and families globally through teaching and reinforcing the living skills children need to become productive adults.


The Brite Star Foundation supports the special charity  book series created by  Vincent W Goett. The Brite Star Kids Giving Back, is centered around the characters in the town of Brite Star and featured in the Brite Star Learning Network that teaches children and families the importance of Living Skills and "Giving Back."

Brite Star’s mission is the promotion of World Education but we are also vitally concerned with the safety of students, teachers and families. We believe that by making these books available at home instead of the school we can meet both of our goals—promote education and keep students safe.


We are able to do this because of the generosity of the Brite Star Foundation and our friends.


We're always trying to make a difference at Brite Star.


Come back to Brite Star often we’ll be waiting for you!

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The Brite Star Foundation is offering families, students,  preschools, schools and religious organizations grants for living skills learning materials.

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