The Brite Star Foundation  is focused on providing education to Children, and Families, and helping those who can't help themselves. The vast library of content and collection of award winning material is provided through generous gifts from the Brite Star Foundation. The Brite Star Foundation will reach millions of students and educators around the globe promoting Education.

In addition to helping children all over the world we are proud to give animals a home to grow old along with their dignity at the Brite Star Ranch. 

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Brite Star TV is a FREE YouTube site that includes all the content from Brite Star Socrates. When you subscribe you will receive notification of all new videos added, a 25% discount on all purchases from the Brite Star Store, eligibility for FREE give-aways from Brite Star and more. This is made possible from your friends at the Brite Star Foundation.

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Our goal is 1,000,000's of students around the World. Our Global Reach is always expanding!

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